Nothing says spring like the aroma of fresh mulch! Here at Evans, we have a huge selection of mulch products. You want it, we have it! Black, dark brown, red, gold, auburn, cedar, cypress or hardwood. Get it by the bag or bulk, and it’s available for pick-up or delivery. We’ll even do the work for you. Let our express mulch blowers do the heavy lifting, saving you time and muscle strain. We also have pine straw and other mulch products for your playground or dog run.

Evans has a huge selection of soil and additives products as well. Topsoil, organic peat, peat moss, cow manure, potting soil, mushroom compost, supersoil, fill dirt, ball mix & many more! MIX RATIOS are 1st part Topsoil amount and 2nd/3rd/4th parts any bulk soil additive (manure, compost, peat moss, pine fines, regrow amounts).

How Much Mulch or Top Soil Do You Need?

Enter the dimensions of your landscape bed and desired coverage depth to determine the amount of mulch or top soil you’ll need.